Distribution Centre Assistant
Randburg, Gauteng
Posted 21 June 2018

Job Details

Job Description

Main purpose of the role:
Picks and Packs finished goods into the appropriate cartons, boxes, shelves, etc. against either picking slips, customer orders or product specification. Checks stock levels on shelves and assembles order requirements against received orders/packing slips are correct. Ensuring that the right packaging is used and documentation inserted, and that the stock bin cards are maintained, and ensuring that the merchandise is properly secured. Packs and addresses containers for shipment. Works under direct supervision.

Key responsibilities:
(The primary tasks, functions and deliverables of the role)
 Receive items for orders and check contents against order documentation;
 Compare reference numbers and report errors in log book and provide feedback to supervisor;
 Prepare packages for shrink wrapping where required and ensure breakable items are correctly packaged;
 Use the correct size of packaging material based on the size and contents of the package;
 Place label correctly on outside of packaging;
 Identify and report any incorrect packaging of parcels;
 Clean and conduct basic maintenance of machinery used in packing, replenishing packing materials as required and alerting supervisor to any problems with machinery;
 Fetch items as per picking list and pick into cartons;
 Pack order, selecting correct packaging materials;
 Evaluate the correctness and quality of orders by comparing the contents with the information on the picking slip, e.g. title, quality, ref number, quantity etc.;
 Sign picking slip if correct, or make note of errors in error logbook;
 Take order through for confirmation;
 Confirm orders at confirmation station;